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Departure Locations 2019

As the venue is secret, we will be transporting all our guests to the magical location that we have prepared for this wondrous night.  In order to sit with your friends and family at the secret location, you will want to be on the same bus from the same departure location. If that bus should be sold out, then select another bus at the same departure location to ensure you will be in the same region on site. It is always best to plan with your group in advance so you have a backup plan should your first choice location be sold out.

This page has been updated prior to Phase 3 opening. It is not directly connected to live bus seats. If you do not see a seat available when you go to register those seats have been claimed by someone else prior to you registering. 

We cannot move you to a different bus after you register! Please choose carefully. 


Hyatt Hotel - Group Leader Glenn Felty
Babette Reeves - SOLD OUT
Deirdra Gallegos - SOLD OUT
Keri Smith & Brandi Russell - SOLD OUT
Mandi Kane - SOLD OUT
Melissa Oranday - SOLD OUT
Vangie Pacheco - SOLD OUT
One Central Downtown - Group Leader Ian Johnson
Denise Cantu-Montano - 1 left!
Darold Ross
Erick Yocom & Pamm Meyers
Kyle Stepp - SOLD OUT
Michele Drane
Onastine Jaramillo
Vicky Perea
Hotel Andaluz - Group Leader Sacha Johnston
Cynthia Guzman - 1 left!
Denise Vigil & Monica Roybal - SOLD OUT
Dorothy Mirabal - SOLD OUT
Janet & Trinity Abernathy - SOLD OUT
Jenny MickSOLD OUT
Rana Doyal & Jena Coryell - 4 left!
Vaadra Martinez - SOLD OUT
Cibola High School - Group Leader Rebecca Padilla
Adriana Vargas - SOLD OUT!
Donna Sullivan
Gala Garcia - SOLD OUT!
Maria Geissler -SOLD OUT!
Meredith Jones
Sharina Desai - SOLD OUT!
Violeta Lopez
Coronado Center - Group Leader Teresa Sterling
April & Bryan Molina - SOLD OUT!
Danielle Caprice
Deb Chadbourne
Lenore Hennie & Dru Tagliapietra - 1 left!
Leola Adams & Abigail Eaves
Summer Fuller & Jimmy Widner - 5 left!
Toni Breen - SOLD OUT!
Toni Phan - 1 left!
Hotel Albuquerque - Group Leader Michael Vigil
Andrew ValenciaSOLD OUT!
Catherine Leyba - 1 left!
Julia Vigil SOLD OUT!
Kyle KimbrellSOLD OUT!
Mindy Connolly
Wendel Cebada - 1 left!
Shastyn Blomquist - SOLD OUT!
Hotel Chaco - Group Leader Virginia Garcia
Jacqueline AnslowSOLD OUT!
Josh & Angela TrujilloSOLD OUT!
Melissa SanchezSOLD OUT!
Renate SchulerSOLD OUT!
Rita RaelSOLD OUT!
Sonia Salazar Solomon - SOLD OUT!

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Shanti C.
28 days ago
It says there are 5 left at this table and our friends the Arenas’ are at that table (Janet & Trinity Abernathy) but when I registered earlier today it said it was full. Please help! She invited us and we planned to sit together . We are on the same bus already. thanks
Amy S.
We put this up for you to plan, but it is not live connected to the seat count. What you saw when registering is correct as others had grabbed those seats before your guests could get to them.
We cannot move you once you have gotten your confirmation, luckily you are at the same departure location and will be close together at the secret venue.
Donna W.
28 days ago
Are there really 3 left for Maria. My guests tried to get onto Maria's table and it would not let her.
Donna W.
Maria Geissler
Amy S.
We put this up for you to plan, but it is not live connected to the seat count. What they saw when registering is correct as others had grabbed those seats before your guests could get to them.
Toni B.
Table Leader
1 month ago
Tyson Lassiter's bus is this year leaving from Coronado Center Mall under the name of Toni Breen for the bus leader.
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