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Are you ready, Phase 2 invitees and late to the party Phase 1? Here's how to make it happen!

The most important thing to remember during registration - not all departure points will be available during Phase 2. We cannot move ANYONE once you are registered. Think of it as an opportunity to enjoy new friends while at dinner, and then meet up with old friends during the party!

*IMPORTANT- Each second matters during registration. Phase two is a first-come, first-serve registration phase. It is our suggestion that you skip reviewing and purchasing the items on the eStore (wine, food etc) and come back once your registration has been confirmed.

***Are you registering on a computer and not a mobile device or iPad? It works much better on a computer.

****Do not use Internet Explorer to register. The registration system works best with Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

*If you don't know the name of your guest yet, just add in a temporary name and email. You have up until the week before the event to change your guest's name.

*If you have any issues during registration, the fastest way to get an answer is to email us (Albuquerque@dinerenblanc.info) with a screen shot of your issue. We will be standing by to help.

*Do you have your Paypal account or credit card ready? While you can use a PayPal account or a credit card, it is much faster to link your credit card to a PayPal account before you register. Each second counts during registration! Last year a few people were stopped mid-registration because PayPal couldn't process their credit card. You don't want to lose your spot in the queue when registering, as you may not be able to get back in if the phase sells out. If you have payment issues, immediately email Albuquerque@dinerenblanc.info We will be standing by to assist.

*Did you clear your cache and open a new browser window? This is very important!

We will be monitoring our inbox, so email us with any questions to Albuquerque@dinerenblanc.info
Bonne Chance!

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