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Want a Phase 1 Invitation? We have 2 ways to snag yours.

Whether you have never attended or missed out on last year's Le Diner en Blanc - Albuquerque, that does not mean you have to hope for a ticket during Phase 3 of registration.  We have 2 ways you can jump to a Phase 1 invitation and also treat yourself (or someone special) at the same time.

Visit Lilly Barrack at any of their locations and order this year's signature piece or anything from their white collection. The signature ring has two stunning settings to choose from and will remind you of the spectacular en Blanc night everytime you adorn it. 

Sign up for Sheehan Winery's wine club and receive a Phase 1 invite. Sheehan is once again providing still wines for Le Diner en Blanc - Albuquerque and is a local vintner producing award-winning wines right here in New Mexico. Jump the line to Phase 1 and receive delicious deliveries to your door at the same time. It's a win-win!

Both Lilly Barrack and Sheehan will provide us with your contact information so we can add you to the Phase 1 invitation list. Should you have any questions feel free to reach out at


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